Are Quest Longboards A Good Brand For Beginner?

Are Quest Longboards A Good Brand For Beginner

Are Quest longboards good?

About Quest

Created for the one and only purpose of making the best longboards for users. The company has slowly gained its reputation as one of a few brands that value their relations with loyal customers. In additions, they’ve also made a name for themselves among skateboarders for making the most amazing cruisers and bombers.

The name Quest has always been known for providing products with superb craftsmanship and long-term quality. Most of their products come with relatively reasonable prices and are packed with impressive features along with stylish looks.

Ever since their first debut, the company has always focused on delivering the most reliable boards for their customers. Start with making a few standard longboards, they are now producing one of the finest longboards in the market.

Quest longboards
Quest longboards

Notable features


Most of their boards are made of high-quality maple wood using the multi-ply technology. This ensures the boards remain responsiveness while still relatively durable and strong.

One thing that I really like about Quest skateboard decks is their relatively broader width. This allows for better standing on the board, a feature that all beginner should look for.

However, this feature would also make it more difficult if you’re into doing tricks, especially those that involve spinning your deck like kickflips and so on. But since you’re still a beginner this wouldn’t have too much of an effect.



For longboard trucks, we would want them to be relatively large to prevent the wheel bites. And Quest has done a really good job at providing reliable trucks for, not just their own longboard lineup, but also longboard from other brands.

Moreover, they’re usually made from high-quality aluminum which allows for reliable skating experience while remaining relatively lightweight. This also contributes to the speed of your longboard if you prefer downhill racing.

I always prefer the plain shiny steel looks that most Quest longboard trucks feature instead of the flashy and colorful ones from other manufacturers. They’re simple but will do their job just fine. Not to mention that this also helps to cut costs for those who’re on a budget.


From my previous experiences of using Quest longboard bearings, the company has always surprised me with its large collection of different bearings. With a huge lineup of high-quality bearings for the different price ranges, you should have no problem finding the right component for your boards.



Quest skateboard wheels are always made from high-quality polyurethane. They feature a broad selection of wheels with different sizes, harnesses, and textures. Most of their longboards feature tall wheels with large profiles. This helps to provide better cruising experiences as well as making your board immune to rocks and pebbles. The thick wheels also enhance your stability while standing on the board, but it would make your board relatively heavier.

Color and design

The company prefers to keep its coloring simple and shift their focus more into the product’s quality. However, Quest longboards still come with relatively captivating looks. Not to mention that the color quality has always been impressive. Their printed graphics can withstand serious wear and tear without being faded. All you need to do is choose a design that fits you.

Choosing longboard for beginners

Here you’ll find a comprehensive guide on choosing longboard for beginners:

Deck shapes

Deck shapes
Deck shapes

Pintail – this board comes with a pointed front and is slightly tapered back. The middle part is still relatively wide for you to position your feet. Pintail boards usually come with soft wheels, so they’re perfect for simple town cruising.

Twin tip – like its name, the board is tapered on both sides to make the wheels visible when looking down to. They’re perfect for downhill skating as well as doing tricks. The design also makes your longboard stand out from others.

Kicktail – this one is a little smaller than the other two. Generally speaking, it looks a lot like a pintail. However, kicktail boards come with a slightly bent back that allowing for making easier turns and breaks. They’re also more suitable for casual cruising due to their relatively smaller sizes, which makes them pretty useful on crowded roads.


Single pivot – this truck has one of the simplest designs and there is little customization you could do on it. Still, it’s quite reliable and is suitable for your casual cruising activities.

Drop through – instead of going under your deck, the truck is mounted on the board with the top of it sitting higher than your deck. With this unique design, you can have better control over the speed of your longboard.

Double-pivot – this design gives your board a smoother experience. The double pivot also enables for simple curbs due to the unique weight distribution system. It provides better flexibility for those who love switching between styles.



Size – preferably, your longboard wheels should come with the square lip or at least have a wider lip profile compared to skateboard wheels. This is really important since you’ll need big wheels to provide balance when controlling longboards. Not to mention that larger wheels also contribute to better speed, it’s quite useful when you’re doing downhill skating.

Hardness – The hardness of your board could be varied but it would still fall between two categories of soft and hard. For casual cruising, softer wheels are more effective as they provide good shock absorption as well as help you maintain better control. On the other hand, hard wheels allowing for better skating experiences on tough terrains.

All in all, if you’re a beginner and is looking for a good longboard brand, then you shouldn’t miss out on Quest products. The reliable longboards that they offer will provide beginners a wide range of different options. High-quality components with relatively reasonable prices are also a major advantage compared to other brands.

And that’s our opinions on whether Quest longboard is a good brand or not. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you in our future posts.