About Me

Born into a family of athletes, her father a car racer and her brother, a promising kart runner, this young paisa is known as "The Queen of BMX".

His love of vertigo and adrenaline have taken him to the podium on numerous occasions, destroying the pretensions of his most seasoned rivals and making clear his power in the bike. At his young age he has stepped on several BMX podiums in different international stages.

He became a Red Bull athlete and began with great success, winning the first places showing that this discipline is not only for men. In just one year, he won six gold medals, one in the South American Games, and another two in the Pan-American Games where the Ecuadorians witnessed his perfect performance.

Despite the rudeness of the BMX sport, Mariana is a sweet, feminine and timid girl, who saw in this discipline the opportunity to show her skills. Beyond his excellent performance, what he likes is the pleasure of riding a bicycle to feel the thrill of life.

The courage and discipline of this athlete have led her to be the best and to obtain the most important achievement of her life; A golden medal at the 2012 London Olympics.