Month: May 2019

Are single speed bikes fast?

What Is A Single Speed Bike?

Basically, a single speed bike is a bike with only one gear. It’s the true core of any bicycles. This is a minimalist design that many types of bikes were born from.

On multiple speed bikes, you’ll find several gears at the front chainring and some more at the rear hub. This makes maintenance a very pesky task from time to time. Also, the bike can be noisy.

With single speed bikes, you don’t have to change gears. You don’t have to worry about the tension of the chain or whatnot. You just pedal away with one simple speed. It’s as simple as that.

Many people use single speed bikes to cruise around town, to the beach, to school, or even on trails. They are fast and reliable. You can also get some great exercise after riding the bike.

Why Are Single Speed Bikes Fast?

wheel set folding bike installed
wheel set folding bike installed


First of all, it’s lightweight. There are no unnecessary or fancy parts on a single speed bike. You’ll find brakes, the frame, a gear, handlebars, a seat, and the pedals on the bike.

All of these components together make up a total weight of about 20 – 30 lbs. This is very manageable for riders. Some can even pick the bike up and carry it on their shoulders with no problem.